An Anime Easter

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Easter it the most holy day for Christians – one that’s more meaningful than even Christmas, even if it’s eclipsed by that holiday.  As such, it’s a good opportunity for Christians to reflect on Christ and even for non-Christians to explore the holidays.

Don’t know exactly what it’s all about?  Why not take a look at the short below, done in anime-style by a studio in Japan, and demonstrating the meaning of Easter through a unique lens:

Happy Easter!

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Anime Today: One Week Sinners


My latest entry in Anime Today.

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Wow, has the Spring 2014 anime season started off with a bang. I have already picked up 10 new shows that I plan to watch through to completion, in addition to the two I was already watching from last season ( Nisekoi and Tonari no Seki-kun ), and I have not been disappointed. While a number of what I have picked up so far will most likely be duds, the greatly hyped Mushi-shi sequel and Mekakucity Actors have both so far lived up to my expectations, and brand new ones like T he Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior and One Week Friends have thus far been quite promising.

The last of these mentions is the show I would like to focus on today, and while I would love to spend the rest of this article gushing about my feelings and opinions of what we are going to…

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Winter 2014 In Review (Part Two)


…Part Two.

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TWWK : Yesterday, Goldy and Japes started their review of Winter 2014’s anime . Today, our reviewing pair join together to judge shows that they both watched this past season.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Love, Chunibyou & Other Delusions – Heart Throb -

Goldy – [8/10]

In the past, I’ve praised Kyoto Animation for creating love stories without going all out shoujo drama, and while they did an excellent job with season one of Chuuni, I had my worries about the second season.
Where could they possibly go with this? Thankfully, my fears were unfounded and the second season delivered a brilliant performance, including all the familiar characters facing their weaknesses and even including some new ones. I like to see characters grow in stories, moving forward despite knowing their faults.
The main story, the relationship between Yuuta and Rika progressed rather well from last season, I…

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Winter 2014 In Review (Part One)


One of the Beneath the Tangles writers, Goldy, and I wrote a review of the Winter 2014 Anime Season a couple weeks ago. I just realized I hadn’t reblogged them here, so here is part one followed closely by part two!

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TWWK: Winter is typically a slow season for anime, and it looked like more of the same going into this past season.  But how did winter 2014 really pan out?  Between our resident anime addicts, Japes and Goldy, almost every anime of note was covered, and over the next two days, they’ll let you know their views on high points and low this just-completed season.  Today, Japes and Goldy review series that only one or the other watched, and tomorrow, they join together to review shows that they both viewed.


Noragami - [9/10]

There are usually a couple series I watch every season that surprise me; Norgami was the lucky one this winter. I jumped into it without thinking much about it beyond “this animation style looks cool and the head guy is wearing a scarf, so it must be good! :D”
While the “main character is wearing a…

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Anime Today: Idols in Ishinomaki


My latest Anime Today, which was posted last Wednesday.
This time around I focused on how a recent anime interacted with my recent trip to Japan!

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As it stands right now, anime is currently in its transition phase from the winter 2014 season to the spring 2014 season, and this in-between phase makes it difficult to analyze much of what is currently happening aside from overall series or season reviews. However, just recently I decided to pick up yet another current anime, bringing my winter 2014 anime count up to 16. And that series is Wake Up, Girls! .

While Wake Up, Girls! has been an entertaining watch, I found myself extremely happy to have waited until just the past few weeks to pick it up. If you’ve been following Beneath the Tangles or my personal blog in the recent past, you are probably aware that in early to mid-March I spent about ten days in Japan on a ministry team. Much of our time there was spent in the Sendai area, the area hardest…

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Japan Global Team – 2014

Friends, family, and followers,

I would like to begin this post with heartfelt gratitude for all of the donations, prayers, and thoughts during the past few months preceding and during the Japan global team trip earlier this month. Without all of you, it could not have happened as it did, and I am so happy that you were willing to come alongside our entire team and participate in the trip with us.

Now, realizing that the readers of my blog include people of many backgrounds and faiths, from readers of Beneath the Tangles, to my YouTube followers, to my friends and family, I’m going to attempt to provide a rather broad recollection of the events of the trip with this in mind.

As of the time of writing, it has now been about a week since we all returned to Liberty University from Japan, and most of us (myself included) are still trying to fix our internal clocks from jet lag. The entire experience was amazing, though it feels like a blur now, and so in an attempt to overcome my inadequacies in presenting all parts of the trip fairly, I am going to try to approach my retelling of the events of the trip in chronological order. So, without further ado, here we go!


Our entire team except for Ashley Haygood, our Liberty representative team leader, who was taking the picture. From left to right, back row: Victoria, James, Allen, Bob (our team leader), me, Ashley (not to be confused with Ashley Haygood), Robert (not to be confused with the Robert on staff at the church), Andrew, Tyler. Front row: Ciara, Rachel, Olivia, Micayla.

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EF: A Tale of Theology


A reposting of an article I wrote for my personal blog last year.

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Japes, our Anime Today columnist, has written a number of articles about the intersection of Christianity and anime for his other blog, Japesland.  He is editing and resposting a number of these entries, including the one below, to Beneath the Tangles .

As I watched through the Ef series (particularly A Tale of Melodies, the sequel to A Tale of Memories), I was immediately struck by how astoundingly deep it was. Whether looking at it from a pure artistic standpoint, a written standpoint, or a theological standpoint, Ef provides quite a lot of interesting material to chew on, especially for me. Because of this, Ef: A Tale of Melodies (the stronger of the two seasons of the series in my opinion) has easily become one of my favorite anime.

Now, because of my Christian faith and the emphasis on religion (particularly with the inclusion of the oft-seen…

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