Anime Fans Give Back! Help the Less Fortunate and Win Anime DVDs

Anime Fans Give Back! Help the Less Fortunate and Win Anime DVDs


A fantastic charity with raffles for some fantastic prizes (hundreds of dollars of anime are being given out!), so I hope you’ll join me in making this holiday season a little better for those who aren’t as well off as we are. :D

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Isn’t it strange how the holiday season becomes all about us?  Christmas has turned into an occasion to spent lots of money (and oftentimes on ourselves).  Our writers want to flip the focus this year and turn toward those who are in need.  We are eager to help heal and care for individuals who are less fortunate than we are.

We ask that you help us meet our goals by contributing funds for this holiday raffle.  Donations will be divided equally between three campaigns for Samaritan’s Purse, a highly rated Christian charitable organization:

  • Hope for children with disabilities: Your donations will help supply specialized equipment, corrective surgery, or schooling to help a child overcome disabilities.
  • Care for orphans: Your gifts can demonstrate love by providing food, housing, healthcare, and other essentials.
  • Protection for vulnerable women: Your charity can help protect victims of gender-based violence, provide basic…

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Anime Today: The Holy Grail and Other Treasures

Anime Today: The Holy Grail and Other Treasures


Due to my personal life being a bit of a nightmare right now (the good kind, though! The personal life that has you running around with no free time because of too many good things happening at once… and papers… always papers…), Charles took it upon himself to cover my column this week!

I’ve been forgetting to repost my articles to my blog here, so if you’re interested in anything I’ve worked on lately, check these out:

I wrote about Fate/Heaven’s Feel in Charles’ column, Fact Check:

I missed reposting a few of my entries in Anime Today here:

There’s always the podcast I produce and host:

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Hi, everyone!  It’s Charles, here, taking over JP’s Anime Today column.  Just for one week, though, I promise!

When I think of villains, anime and otherwise, what usually comes to mind isn’t just the antagonist, but his or her goal.  These aims are usually something that occupies, consumes, and transforms them.  Aizen from Bleach is a good example – he transforms physically as he comes nearer his goal.  A more recent example is of Sasuke Uchiha, whose entire demeanor and personality is created because of his goal, vengeance (which I would further argue remains his goal in some odd, tangential way, even when he’s somewhat reformed in the final few chapters of Naruto).

This season, I’m looking to Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works for more of the same.  Having forgotten (purposefully?) the first Fate/stay night television series, I’m being surprised by the reveals of the masters and heroes as…

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Hanamonogatari and the Crossroads


A wonderfully-written analysis of Hanamonogatari, one of the weaker, but still interesting, entries in the Monogatari series.

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“When they love you, and they will
Tell ‘em all they’ll love in my shadow.
And if they try to slow you down
Tell ‘em all to go to hell.”

Kanbaru knew who she was, once. She was a runner. A basketball star. A girl in love. She was somebody, at least – a specific person. There were things typical of her; she knew where she stood and where she was running to. But at the beginning of Hanamonogatari, her path has shifted from a fixed track to an open field – her past offers no clues, her future holds no direction. She’s not a basketball star anymore. Her schoolgirl crush has shifted to respect for an absent friend. All that’s left now are hard choices, and a heavy rain of insistent, contradictory advice.

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Anime Today: Post-Modern Monogatari


I tend to suspect that this article reaches a bit beyond my qualifications as a writer, but as it was written mostly stream of consciousness, I think it greatly reflects many of my personal beliefs. That said, it’s a bit different from my normal writings and thus a little bit more interesting (or at least it seems to me).

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*Note: This article has been written in such a way to be completely SPOILER-FREE. Read without fear of spoilers!*

Christianity has, in the past few decades, had a confusing relationship with the post-modern movement and its refutation of objectivity. On one hand, many Christians agree with post-modernism’s skepticism of modern culture, skepticism of everything really, and acknowledge the possibility of many different existences or ideas. However, on the other hand, many Christians simultaneously disagree with these same notions that nix the possibility of one true objective belief and one true objective God. A sticky situation (and one that I’m sure most post-modernists would love to discuss for that reason!).

My goal here today is not to sway you one way or the other, but rather to reflect some of my appreciation for the healthy dose of skepticism and reliance upon symbolism and metaphor that post-modernism has either caused, or at…

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The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 1


Episode one of our official podcast launched!!

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The Tangles Cover 1

You’ve read our articles! You’ve followed our social media! Well, good news, because it doesn’t have to stop there… or at least not anymore!

We are ecstatic to introduce to you the newest addition to the Beneath the Tangles site, our very own podcast entitled The Tangles (available both here AND on iTunes)! As an extension of our blog, The Tangles is another branch to help us achieve our goal of creating a meeting point between anime (along with all connected forms of media) and Christian spirituality. We hope that this will help to continue to foster an open community where Christians and non-Christians alike can engage in conversation about anime, manga, and belief.

The Tangles will update on the last Thursday of every month, and will feature JP (Japes/Japesland) as host, another Beneath the Tangles writer as co-host (rotating each episode), and a special guest speaker.

For our first…

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Anime Today: Confessions of an Exclusivist, Christian Otaku


My latest, and possibly most personal, entry in Anime Today. This time around I wrote about the balance between individuality and being part of something larger.

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For as long as I can remember, back even to my elementary school days, I recall always desiring to be different or unique. I can even remember my public school teachers all hammering that message into my and my classmates’ collective heads. “Be yourself” seemed to be the key phrase (and considering my years of work in IT for public education, and consequent time spent in public schools, seems to still be the key phrase) tossed around like an inflatable volleyball on the beach, for it floats easily and just seems to fit the setting.

Now before I continue on any further, I must qualify the rest of this article by saying that I do not disagree with this statement in the slightest. While it should perhaps not be taken at face value (some happy medium must exist behind the conservative convention that being oneself gives way to a lack…

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Anime Today: Story, Story, Story!


Latest entry in Anime Today. This time focusing on good storytelling, and how that relates to ancient literature like the Bible.

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If you read Kaze’s and my reviews of the spring anime season this year, it wouldn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that neither of us was impressed. In fact, the general mediocrity of it all left me in such a cynical mood that I commented on how low my hopes were for this (summer) season… only for me to be (several weeks in now) greatly and pleasantly surprised! Although I shouldn’t speak too soon, shows like Aldnoah Zero, Blue Spring Ride, and even Sword Art Online II have all far surpassed my original expectations, Free!, Glasslip, and Hanamayata have at least met them, and even the new Persona 4 anime has had me much more interested than its original counterpart (I’ve purposefully neglected to mention the several anime that have disappointed me).

And all of these pleasant surprises have assured me that there still…

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