Nana Concerts and What That Even Means

Nanaca Sakura

I’m not dead! I haven’t actually written anything in forever, again. This seems to be a recurring problem. To be fair, I did participate in NaNoWriMo (and failed, naturally), and then I’m always lazy in December, and then I went on vacation to Japan yay, and now it’s February, wait, March.  The main reason I went to Japan was of course to attend Nana Mizuki’s Live Gate concert! This time, with 7 days at Budokan, of which I went to 4 of them (+the birthday live streaming at a theater). I no longer have the patience to write out a report for every concert I go to, but I’ll say it was once again one of the best times of my life. The best part was probably finally getting to hear Brave Phoenix live after all these years of waiting and always missing the ones where she did perform it…

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Utawarerumono and God

Nanaca Sakura

The following is a guest post by my good friend and fellow VN enthusiast Japesland of Beneath the Tangles. When it comes to seeing Christianity in eroge, he is as weird as I am, so I hope you find his thoughts on the topic interesting. Utawarerumono is currently being localized, with the first 2 games already released and the final game scheduled for release this September. Naturally, the post will contain spoilers for the games, so you have been warned.

One of the craziest things about being a Christian is seeing Christianity in everything. I’m no psychologist. In fact, having only taken the most basic of psychology courses in college, I’m sure I know less about psychology than many with at least a basic college education. I’ve also been surrounded by Christianity and Christians for more or less my entire life. Those with more than my aforementioned level of…

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Thoughts on The Wind Rises

Medieval Otaku

At last, I have managed to watch Miyazaki’s latest, but no longer final, film, and my biggest regret is not to have seen it in theaters.  The animation and sound effects held me spellbound.  I also loved the manner they included foreign languages and how they intimated that the characters communicated in a foreign language even though Japanese is spoken on screen: one or two lines would be spoken in the foreign tongue, but then the characters would conclude the rest of the dialogue in Japanese.  My friend found this method jarring, and it did take a little time to accustom myself to it; but, it was a nice technique overall.  Most striking for me was that the Italian lines were spoken with heavy accents, while the seiyuu spoke German pretty fluently.  Despite the sounds of Romance languages being closer to Japanese, the seiyuu’s pronunciation of Italian produced snickers…

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KEY Anthology Updated… In Lossless Format!

It’s finally here! Due to popular demand, I’ve finally remastered The KEY Anthology Saxophone Collection in a lossless format!

The album is still hosted on the same page as always (check it out here), but the download links have been replaced and added to in order to reflect the additions. In addition to offering AIFF lossless, MP3 320 bitrate, and AAC 256 bitrate, I’ve always subtly altered a few of the tracks in the remastering process to improve the songs to the quality I had originally intended. The edits are so small that you’re unlikely to notice, however.

Anyway, thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the updated version!~

Anthology Album v03

Anime Today: Young Black Jack’s Cognitive Dissonance

Beneath the Tangles

Many people today like to refer to the famed Studio Ghibli director, Hayao Miyazaki, as the proverbial “Disney of Japan,” but this analogy doesn’t seem to stand for very long upon analysis. While Miyazaki has surely gained enormous fame domestically, and even worldwide, his approach to animation and impact upon the industry both differs greatly and pales in comparison compared to that of Walt Disney. However, major differences like activism and approach to technology aside, should Miyazaki really be given the credit for influencing Japanese animation like the famed Disney? If anyone should be given that title for influence alone (ignoring modern merchandising), perhaps one should consider the so-called “father of manga,” Osamu Tezuka.

Osamu Tezuka is often credited for bringing about the popularity of Japanese animation and differentiating it from its Western influence, resulting in what we know today (perhaps even Miyazaki’s work!). With his most popular works beginning…

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The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 15

Beneath the Tangles

Welcome to episode 15 of The Tangles! This month, the theme of our episode is “Cosplay, Conventions, and Transformation,” and we had the chance to interview our newest writer here at Beneath the Tangles, Casey Covel, or cutsceneaddict! This month, JP and Sean talk about their experiences in cosplay and conventions, as well as some of the deeper themes they contain.

Thanks for listening! Feel free to stream the episode below, subscribe on iTunes, or check out our RSS feed! Also, be sure to email us with any questions you would like included in our “Listener Mail” portion, including the name you would like stated in the podcast and your website or blog for us to share!

Time Stamps:
Intro – 0:00
Otaku Diet – 0:26
Casey Interview – 15:29
Main Topic: Cosplay, Conventions, and Christ – 31:28
Listener Mail – 55:05
Closer – 1:08:17
Bloopers – 1:09:03

Direct Download

Note: Below are the links…

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The Christian Tsundere

One of the best articles I’ve read from any of our writers recently!

Beneath the Tangles

I previously likened God to a yandere. This time I am likening Christians to a tsundere, a real tsundere, or at least an actually well-written tsundere. I previously alluded to “real” tsunderes being far better than the average achetype we get nowadays, but let’s go a bit more in depth as we explore this comparsion. While not a requirement to the archetype, many tsundere start off with a bad relationship. Like people who do not yet know God or have had bad experiences, they reject everything about their partner and refuse to acknowledge them as equals let alone as potential love interests. However, the comparison only begins once people become interested in Christianity and forming a relationship with God. It is here that people reach an unfamiliar territory and struggle with how to approach this new relationship. From a mixture of pride and embarrassment, tsundere find it hard to…

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