I Want to Get to Know YOU!!

Hello followers! (That sounds a little ominous out of context, doesn’t it…)

Taking an indirect cue from Charles and his approach to social media, I’ve decided to try to do a better job of integrating all my accounts. As of right now, I’ve had the fortune of reserving my normal handle, “Japesland”, for nearly every social media site or other online account I own. With that said, it is usually quite easy to find me either through a quick Google search, or by checking the available links on one of my accounts (such as this blog’s About page).


That is a caricature based on a real photo of me wearing bunny ears… Courtesy of the amazing artist, “weee”, found here: http://weee3.tumblr.com

In an attempt to make my interactions a bit more personal, whether it’s with people who know me in person, people who follow me because of my writing on anime and Christianity, or saxophone players, I would love to get to know you all a little bit better! For each one of you who has commented or sent me a direct message, I’ve felt so blessed to speak with you, and I apologize for my inability to get back with all of you, but rest assured: I read every single comment or message I get, be it through WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, or any other site!

With that said, I would love it to exchange friend requests with anyone who would like on the following accounts:

MyAnimeList: Japesland

Crunchyroll: Japesland

PlayStation Network: Japesland (Feel free to shoot me a request via your PS3, PS4, or PSVita!)

I also use these media, but due to the nature of the dashboard I cannot afford to follow all of you back and still be able to keep up with my current followees:

Twitter: Japesland

Tumblr: Japesland

…And the following three WordPress blogs:
Japesland Sheets
Beneath the Tangles

I hope to be able to interact with more of you and I welcome any and all questions, comments, or otherwise random musings!

Anime Today: The Thought That Counts

Probably one of my best entries in my Anime Today column!

Beneath the Tangles

As much as I might hate to admit it, I have often found myself thoroughly enjoying the moeblob. Every season, without fail, there is at least some airing anime that serves absolutely no purpose but to present cute girls doing cute things (I’m looking at you K-On!). And despite a severe lack of depth and mindless pandering, I still watch them. Even more than that, though… I actively enjoy them.

Chino Kafu GochiUsa Art by Syroh (Pixiv ID 43635800)

This season’s token moeblob is easily Is the Order a Rabbit. With enlarged heads, feminine uniforms, appearances of each female anime archetype, and even a smidgen of shoujo-ai (to some’s chagrin), it absolutely fits the bill. Now while a good discussion from here would be to investigate whether or not a moeblob is edifying for Christian consumption, that is an article for another time (though if you would like something…

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Anime Today: Sharing Anime with Family

My latest entry in Anime Today.

Beneath the Tangles

If there is one anime that I have been most looking forward to this season, it is absolutely the newest season of Mushi-shi. And I can say confidently that my unrealistically high expectations for the season have been… met, actually. Possibly even exceeded, even!

Ginko Art by 猫屋敷 (Pixiv ID 43383288)

It is rare to find an anime that is beautifully animated, intelligently written, and also has little to no inappropriate content (the only other anime that I can immediately think of that fit these criteria are the likes of Now and Then, Here and There,Haibane Renmei, and Nichijou, though I’m sure there are many others). All of this together is what has made it possible to share Mushi-shi with my father, one decidedly uninterested in anime and the like as well as a former pastor. However, it didn’t take long to get him hooked.

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