Untangled: Wandering Son and Perspectives on LGBT Issues

A great, though brief, post by the editor and founder of Beneath the Tangles in response to a reader submission about LGBT.

Beneath the Tangles

From the very beginning, I intended this blog to be a place, a destination, a home, rather than simply a source about anime and our unique perspectives on it.  As such, we welcome your thoughts and questions not only through the comments page, but through the Ask the Staff button on the top of the menu.  And we’ve been blessed by some engaging questions submitted through that tab.

Last week, we received the following email (video and image added) from Zoe in regards to a post I wrote a couple of years back entitled, “Hourou Musuko and Loving the Sinner, But Hating the Sin”:

I recently watched ‘Wandering Son’ an anime that truly hit me in a number of ways. I’m a transgender woman so it was very relevant to me.

Wandering Son Art by めの (Pixiv ID 9047230)

Lauren Orsini recommended that I read Beneath the Tangles posts on it as…

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Anime Today: The Proverbial Wisdom of Mushishi

Beneath the Tangles

Having already written on the current season of Mushishi, I found myself attempting to veer away from this article… yet as it so happened, this seemed to be the most compelling piece to write. The more I watch Mushishi, the more I am convinced that it is one of the finest gems to come out of animation in the last few decades (both seasons). This second season has continued the trend of the first, providing self-contained stories that push for morals as they intertwine with nature.* And it is for this reason that, like with some anime in the past, I must applaud its teaching of simple principles.

Ginko Mushishi Art by 極限の道 (Pixiv ID 43954629)

I’ve continued to have the joy of watching this second season with my father, which has given rise to some stimulating conversation and review. It is from this connection that I’ve come…

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