Anime Today: The Holy Grail and Other Treasures

Due to my personal life being a bit of a nightmare right now (the good kind, though! The personal life that has you running around with no free time because of too many good things happening at once… and papers… always papers…), Charles took it upon himself to cover my column this week!

I’ve been forgetting to repost my articles to my blog here, so if you’re interested in anything I’ve worked on lately, check these out:

I wrote about Fate/Heaven’s Feel in Charles’ column, Fact Check:

I missed reposting a few of my entries in Anime Today here:

There’s always the podcast I produce and host:

Beneath the Tangles

Hi, everyone!  It’s Charles, here, taking over JP’s Anime Today column.  Just for one week, though, I promise!

When I think of villains, anime and otherwise, what usually comes to mind isn’t just the antagonist, but his or her goal.  These aims are usually something that occupies, consumes, and transforms them.  Aizen from Bleach is a good example – he transforms physically as he comes nearer his goal.  A more recent example is of Sasuke Uchiha, whose entire demeanor and personality is created because of his goal, vengeance (which I would further argue remains his goal in some odd, tangential way, even when he’s somewhat reformed in the final few chapters of Naruto).

This season, I’m looking to Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works for more of the same.  Having forgotten (purposefully?) the first Fate/stay night television series, I’m being surprised by the reveals of the masters and heroes as…

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