Anime Fans Give Back! Help the Less Fortunate and Win Anime DVDs

A fantastic charity with raffles for some fantastic prizes (hundreds of dollars of anime are being given out!), so I hope you’ll join me in making this holiday season a little better for those who aren’t as well off as we are. :D

Beneath the Tangles

Isn’t it strange how the holiday season becomes all about us?  Christmas has turned into an occasion to spent lots of money (and oftentimes on ourselves).  Our writers want to flip the focus this year and turn toward those who are in need.  We are eager to help heal and care for individuals who are less fortunate than we are.

We ask that you help us meet our goals by contributing funds for this holiday raffle.  Donations will be divided equally between three campaigns for Samaritan’s Purse, a highly rated Christian charitable organization:

  • Hope for children with disabilities: Your donations will help supply specialized equipment, corrective surgery, or schooling to help a child overcome disabilities.
  • Care for orphans: Your gifts can demonstrate love by providing food, housing, healthcare, and other essentials.
  • Protection for vulnerable women: Your charity can help protect victims of gender-based violence, provide basic…

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