Anime Today: Shirobako and the Judeo-Christian Work Ethic

My most recent article on Beneath the Tangles

Beneath the Tangles

I’ve had an unsteady relationship with Shirobako this season. On one hand, the series provides great insight into the animation process (with a few asterisks, to be sure). It’s also produced quite well, as is normal with most of PA Works’ productions. However, it’s also a bit difficult to follow. Shirobako includes what appears to be a main protagonist, but it jumps around to so many different characters that it is rather difficult to definitively dive into the consciousness of one and truly relate.

Yet despite this, one major theme of the series remains constant: working can be both difficult and rewarding.

shirobako 1b

You might be familiar with the Japanese expectation of work. Whether that is the high educational standards through compulsory education, or salarymen literally working themselves to death, work in Japan is no joke. Shirobako reflects this, and if you’ve been watching and and have been surprised by…

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