Anime Today: When Context is King – The Culture Gap Shared by Shirobako and Scripture

My latest entry in Anime Today. Ever heard the phrase, “If the plain sense makes sense, seek no other sense”?

Beneath the Tangles

Bear with me, but I’m going to be controversial for a moment (or perhaps not, depending on who you are). Of everything I’ve heard in my formal undergraduate education, one phrase that has absolutely frustrated me the most is the following:

“If the plain sense makes sense, seek no other sense.”

It seems innocuous enough at first, sure, but here’s the kicker: it is that careless phrase that most often hear attributed to arguably the most important and deliberately written literature in human history: The Bible. Regardless of where you stand in your beliefs, be it atheism, agnosticism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, or one of the many other systems I missed, the Bible has had a nearly unprecedented effect on societal development. So then why, I think to myself, would someone interpret something of this utmost importance so carelessly?

I must admit, I am in a constant state of…

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