Nausicaä + Jazz = …Jesus?!

Probably one of my best articles for Beneath the Tangles, and rather succinct considering the topic.

Beneath the Tangles

Ask any of my close friends what my favorite genre of music is. Seriously, ask anyone. If they don’t say jazz, please tell me. I will promptly cut all ties with that person and move on with my life as a happier individual, having removed one more false friendship.

When I say this, I am kidding of course. I would also accept J-Pop and progressive rock.


As an avid listener of jazz and watcher of anime, I am always excited to stumble across an avenue where I can mix both of these interests. Most recently, this avenue came in the form of Western jazz group, Rasmus Faber. As few and far between as anime jazz groups are these days, they are still popular enough (and becoming more so) so as to not come as an enormous surprise. However, when listening to Rasmus Faber’s “Platina Jazz ~Anime Standards Vol.3~”, I…

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Requested: Questions About Anime and Religion!

Requested: Questions About Anime and Religion!

Beneath the Tangles

Have you ever heard this one?  Three Christians and an atheist walk into a…

Oh wait.  That’s actually not a joke – it’s our next podcast episode.  At the end of this month, I’ll be joining The Tangles’ hosts, Japes and Sean, and a special guest as we talk about anime, religion, and the intersection between the two.

This is where you come in.  We need your questions to help stimulate discussion for the podcast.  Please leave one or two (or more) below. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Questions about Christianity, atheism, or anything else related to religion – feel free to get personal if you’d like.
  • Questions religion in anime, whether superficially or thematically

Thanks in advance, all!

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Rewrite’s Biblical Meta-Narrative

Rewrite’s Biblical Meta-Narrative

Probably one of my better articles, analyzing the meta-narrative of one of the greatest VNs every written: Rewrite.

Beneath the Tangles

This past week, we have spent a lot of time focusing on Key, particularly Rewrite. Hopefully you had the chance to check out Kaze’s four part summation and commentary on the visual novel. His approach took each and every section of the story and broke it down into individual parallels into Christian living, but I would like to take a slightly different approach. Assuming a basic knowledge of Rewrite is already known (which is what makes a commentary like Kaze’s ever so important), I would like to provide to you my own thoughts and thesis on what I consider to be one of the most outstanding and philosophically/theologically charged narratives in visual novel medium.

Here at Beneath the Tangles, we strive to extract biblical connections and principles from media that clearly did not intend them. The value of this can be debated, surely, but operating under the assumption that

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