The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 14

Beneath the Tangles

Episode 14 marks the second episode of our new, streamlined format. The theme of this episode is “How Our Lives and Anime Intersect,” and we had the chance to interview longtime Tangles community member, Tommy from Anime Bowl! This month, JP and Sean talk about their personal interests and how they influence their anime habits.

Thanks for listening! Feel free to stream the episode below, subscribe on iTunes, or check out our RSS feed! Also, be sure to email us with any questions you would like included in our “Listener Mail” portion, including the name you would like stated in the podcast and your website or blog for us to share!

Time Stamps:
Intro – 0:00
Announcements – 0:35
Otaku Diet – 1:20
Tommy Interview – 16:08
Main Topic: How Our Lives and Anime Intersect – 30:20
Listener Mail – 58:40
Closer – 1:04:28

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Nitori is Not Going to Hell For Wanting to Wear a Bra, Part I: Understanding Gender Dysphoria as a Christian

Nitori is Not Going to Hell For Wanting to Wear a Bra, Part I: Understanding Gender Dysphoria as a Christian

Part one of two of a fantastic series the Beneath the Tangles editor is running on transgender issues and Christianity.

Beneath the Tangles

When the anime version of Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) aired in 2011, much of the reception in the blogsophere was lukewarm. A lot of folks, having anticipated the adaptation, were disappointed in how different it was from the manga. I, on the other hand, without any previous connection to this story of a boy who wants to be a girl and a girl who wants to be a boy, absolutely loved it.  It touched me and made me reconsider how I thought of individuals who identify as transgender.

However, I don’t know if I was ready for it.

hourou musuko 1b

I left the story feeling I should change, but I didn’t really. Fast-forward a few years, and my experiences on Tumblr caused me to research the topic, which then led me to read Understanding Gender Dysphoria (Mark A. Yarhouse), a study that informed me even further, and which forms the basis…

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