The KEY Anthology Saxophone Collection

Anthology Album v03

Finally! My secret project has been released!

Released January 1, 2015, listen to and download The KEY Anthology Saxophone Collection by yours truly here on my YouTube channel and my blog,

The album includes 17 tracks encoded in the lossless AIFF, 320kbps MP3, and 256kbps AAC formats spanning 6 of Key’s most famous visual novels (Kanon, Air, Clannad, Planetarian, Little Busters!, and Rewrite). It also includes sheet music and album art, CD artwork, and karaoke tracks!

Check out December 13, 2014’s crossfade teaser here for a taste:

Listen to all of the full tracks on YouTube:

And finally, the download links!

Full Lossless AIFF Album with CD design artwork

Full 320kbps MP3 Album with CD design artwork

Full 256kbps AAC Album with CD design artwork

PDF files of all saxophone sheet music

MP3 Karaoke Tracks (Saxophone removed so you can play along!)

And just for kicks, I’ve included a poll below so you can vote on your favorite track!

12 thoughts on “The KEY Anthology Saxophone Collection

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  2. I really appreciate you taking the time to compose these scores from their original tracks. I’ve been playing saxophone since I was 7 years old ( being 22 now that’s a total of 15 years ). Growing up with a huge appreciation to music and animation, growing up with both. I can’t thank you enough for the sheets you have posted, because when I was younger I fell in love with every single one of Key’s works, but I was only ever able to connect to the songs by playing them on piano. Then last month I stumbled upon this website and was simply amazed. After listening to you play these songs in a different style I became inspired. I started to re-analyze my tone, and develop my own style for them. You have a great tone, control, and phrasing. It’s also notable that you took the time to do Planetarian as well, as that is the one key work that tends to get overlooked often. Thank you, and keep on playing.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m a huge fan of Key’s works, and I’m presently enjoying my read-through of Angel Beats: First Beat (which I highly recommend!).

      Let me know how your covers go! I’d love to hear them!

    • All of the tracks in the soundtrack are based on the midi files linked in the pdf booklet, so I simply removed the saxophone tracks and reuploaded the mp3s the this page. :)

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  4. I’m extremely grateful to you for post this saxophone sheet of one of my favorites KEY’s series. I’m looking forward more of your works.

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